Structural Editing

Structural editing is also sometimes called developmental or substantive editing.

You might want this service if:roof of moden buildings

  • You have a project in mind, in progress, or a finished draft.
  • You’re ready to start writing (or rewriting) and want to go into it with a definite plan, so you’re not wasting time and effort.

What I’ll do:

Everything included in a Manuscript Evaluation, plus:

  • Assess the organization, content, meaning, coherence, and flow of the piece.
  • Reorganize, add, or delete content as needed.
  • Refine language to ensure the material is suitable for the intended audience, market, medium, and purpose.
  • Recommend a priority and sequence of next steps to make the best use of your writing time and effort and achieve your vision for the work.

What you’ll get back:

  • An editorial letter outlining a detailed recommended plan of attack to guide your writing process.
  • A copy of your manuscript with my comments and suggestions.