Close up of a hand holding a red pen above several lines of text with red proofreading marks. 

You might want this service if:

  • Your material has previously been copy edited and the content and structure are final.
  • Your material has been laid out for printing and needs a final check to catch and correct errors in textual and visual elements.

What I’ll do:

  • At first-proof stage, read the material word by word, comparing with previous copy if supplied.
  • On second and subsequent proofs, check that all changes have been made as requested and that they do not introduce new problems.
  • Ensure that the first proof contains all the elements in the copy prepared for layout (e.g., all paragraphs, visual elements, headings).
  • Check for accuracy and consistency of
    • headers and footers
    • heading levels
    • page numbers and running heads
    • columns and rules
    • alignment of all elements
    • space around major elements
    • visual elements
    • use of colour
    • numbers, tables, and figures
    • placement of art, including captions and labels
    • captions, titles, cross-references, and citations
    • titles of web windows
    • metadata
    • appearance of hyperlinks
    • navigation elements
  • Check first and last lines in paragraphs to ensure content is complete.
  • Flag widows and orphans, bad breaks, ill-fitting text, rivers and lakes.
  • Flag incorrect text typeface, font size, formatting, or colour.
  • Flag egregious errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and fact.
  • Check the spelling of proper names and non-English words.
  • Check the transfer of italics, boldface, and special characters.
  • Flag matters that may affect later stages of production (e.g., page cross-references; placement of art; alterations that will change layout, indexing, or web navigation).
  • Ensure conformation to the style guide of your choice (for example, in-house style, MLA, APA, or Chicago).
  • Create a style sheet, if none exists.
  • Address any questions or areas of concern from you, the author.
  • Complete additional requested tasks.

What you’ll get back:

  • A marked-up copy of the revised document(s) or file(s).
  • Any originals supplied in hard copy.