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Definition of

An author’s purpose is to communicate with the reader. An editor works with an author to achieve that purpose.

Writers are usually too close to the material to see what works and what doesn’t. That’s where an editor comes in.

An editor sees what the author cannot: errors and inconsistencies, vague or confusing passages, unnecessary words, excessive repetition, poor structure and flow, awkward sentence structure, telling rather than showing, and myriad other infelicities.

An editor corrects infelicities, hones the language, polishes the message, and strengthens the whole, without interfering with your authorial voice. An editor helps clarify, reorganize, rephrase, refine, fine-tune, smooth, and shine your product so that your ideas connect with your intended audience in the right way.

Good editing is invisible; it looks like good writing.

If your work will be published within your organization or more widely, either traditionally or via self-publication, working with an editor can save you time, effort, frustration, repetition, and money.

Professionally edited material sells better, whether your prospective buyer is an agent, publisher or reader, and regardless of whether any actual money changes hands. (A reader’s time also has value, after all.)

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